Louise Lamarre, Independent Filmmaker-Researcher

Inventor of the Holo Editorial Layering Process –H.E.L.P.-

Independent Filmmaker-Researcher Louise Lamarre graduated from Laval University and Concordia University where she is Associate Professor. Her field of experience includes a two-year specialization in intra-camera special effects as well as dramatic writing and directing with the National Film Board of Canada.

She directed her first short film, Le Vernissage, in 1980. Since then she has acted as director, scriptwriter and producer on more than forty professional productions, ranging from fiction to documentary, including music video, advertisements, and corporate films. She has worked on some highly rated television series, such as (US/Canada co-production) Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and (France/Canada co-production) Les Nouvelles Aventures des Intrépides. Further, as a consultant for the government of Quebec, specifically the "Société de développement des entreprises culturelles" (SODEC), she has authored several important reports, including two major studies on independent production practices in Quebec, titled LE PRIX DE LA LIBERTÉ Vol. 1 (film) and Vol. 2 (video), published by the Institut québécois du cinéma (IQC). Since the beginning of her career, Louise has been conducting research in the field of special effects in cinema. Her latest research project, titled FX PROJECT, focuses on high definition technology, and is presently leading her to test novel techniques for in-camera real time special effects.

A major discovery of hers has been to produce composited true-to-scale imagery, with dynamic control over the depth of field on the set and in real time, for which an American patent has been granted in 2007. She has named her invention: Holo Editorial Layering Process -H.E.L.P.-

H.E.L.P. is an interesting new option for the Independent Filmmaking Industry since it allows the creation of special effects in any medium (35mm film, HD, etc), at a reasonnable price, during production stage.

A demo-trailer will be premiered during a press conference to be held at the Festival des Films du Monde on August 28th 2007, at 10 O’clock, in the Alfred Rouleau room, basilliaire 3 of the Hyatt Hotel, Complexe Desjardins.

Membership: SACD, SARTEC, ARRFQ, Hexagram.

Louise Lamarre, 3541, rue Éthel, Verdun, Qc, H4G 1R9

Tél: (514) 766-1331

Courriel: louise.lamarre4@sympatico.ca.


Louise Lamarre