Since the process produces special effects that can be immediately viewed on set, the filmmaker can choose the look of the shots in direct collaboration with the technical crew while it is being created, on set, during the production process.

No matter what the medium of capture (35mm, HD, digital video  etc.),H.E.L.P. allows for the creation of realistic scenes with the same variable depth of field characteristics as a film image.


The use of this process presents an interesting challenge for the director of photography and production designer as well as their respective technical crews. They must approach their jobs from a different viewpoint, thus stimulating creativity and improving overall work ethic.

Their heavy involvement at the preproduction stage allows    the department heads to gain a deeper knowledge of the project.


H.E.L.P. has a positive impact on the actors’ performances. As opposed to colored backdrops, which force actors to imagine their surroundings, H.E.L.P. allows the actors to see the context of their performances within every shot. This allows them a greater degree of concentration and saves on rehearsal time.

Since the shooting is done in studio, H.E.L.P. eliminates the stress of unit moves and the dangers of weather and scheduling conflicts. Simply put, shooting time is optimized. All of this can guarantee large savings for the production.

Art Direction

The basic characteristics of the process allow for the instantaneous union of the projected elements with the physical elements of the mise en scene within the studio.

These virtual projected elements, whether they be props or complete sets, can drastically reduce costs related to art direction.

H.E.L.P. can also provide filmmakers with unlimited access to fictional shooting locations. This might include the use of miniature models, for example, or worlds created in the animation studio.

It can even grant instant access to locations that are either too far, too expensive or impossible to reserve. These could be out of the country, or in places difficult to access, such as forests, deserts, caves, middle of the ocean, etc.

Some places that refuse to be disturbed by a large film crew, will allow a small crew of 3 or 4 people to come and capture the essence of the location for a couple of hours, without actors. For example: Large restaurants, luxury residences, or public locations such as streets, markets, malls, hotels, castles and historic locations, etc.


H.E.L.P. Can substantially decrease the costs of production and postproduction. These savings can be as much as 50% in some of the most important budgetary categories.

Here are some examples:

Large reduction in unit moves as well as Per Diem payments:

-95% of costs related to moving actors and members of the crew.

In addition, eliminating the stress and problems of moving the crew around from one location to the next can greatly increase the quality of working conditions and help keep spirits high.

Complete freedom with regards to the production schedule:

-Flexibility of the schedule: shooting night scenes during the day and vice-versa;

-Fast and efficient shooting, with minimum time for changes in décor and optimum time to adjust the lighting.

H.E.L.P. can reduce the cost of overtime payments by up to 99%. There is no need to work overtime since production can always start up again the following day in studio, exactly where it left off. This also alleviates any problems regarding continuity.

Seasonal Flexibility

With H.E.L.P. it is possible to shoot beautiful summer exteriors, indoors during the winter, and winter scenes, indoors during the summer.

There are many advantages to this process. For example,

The producer can hire highly skilled technicians and negotiate better rates for them to work during the off-season. Similarly he can ensure the participation of actors that are in high demand during the summer, etc.

Since H.E.L.P. is a studio based process it can substantially reduce:

-The number of shooting days;

-The size of the crew;

-The number of production vehicles: cars, trucks, trailers, etc;

-The costs of gasoline;

-The rental of generators.



H.E.L.P. produces final composited images. This eliminates the cost of adding special effects and manipulating the image during post-production.


Characteristics and advantages of the “Holo Editorial Layering Process” (H.E.L.P.)

Some Advantages